Smart iPhone 5 – Updated iPhone Reviews

Posted by admin | On: Oct 02 2011

iPhone Reviews

Smart iPhone 5 - Updated iPhone Reviews

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones available in the market. In fact, the craze of smartphones started with the launch of iPhones by Apple in 2007. These internet and multimedia enabled phones have become a favorite of many users around the world. Most users of iPhone swear by Apple products and gadgets. For them iPhone is a priced possession and having one is symbol of style and status. But sometimes these diehard followers of iPhone sidetrack you from seeing the whole picture. This is where review websites come to your help. These review websites are places where people share real time experiences with the phone.
So, if you intend to step into the iPhone market you must read some of the iPhone reviews and assess the experiences of people as well as critics with this phone.
Positive iPhone Reviews from its users
Some users are of the view that it is the best phone ever designed and launched by any company. The iPhone applications are the best, its innovative technology is a user’s delight.
iPhone 4 is the latest model of Apple. Some say that they can see their friends and family members while they are talking to them. They are also of the view that the phone has an outstanding retina display screen. In addition to a remarkable text screen, the graphics are wonderful. You can do multitasking without exhausting the battery. The innovative applications are a treat for the users.

Some others users feel that the Apple iPhone has a striking display, a stylish and sleek design, and an innovative user interface. Its browser makes for a terrific Web surfing experience, and it has user friendly apps.

iPhone reviews from critics
The iPhone has received positive feedback and reviews from critics like Walter Mossberg and David Pogue. An overview of reviews from different critics:
They say that the iPhone is useful for business users and is innovative in many ways. The latest model of Apple’s iconic iPhone brings with it a whole range of innovative features. The most striking feature about the iPhone 4 is its novel design. The exceptional finish of the phone is liked by most people but the front bezel gives it a bit tired look. This appears to be so because the iPhone 4 is somewhat narrower and taller, although it maintains the same screen size, as its previous models. This makes the screen of the new version look a bit lost in the blackness of the front bezel. Nevertheless, it is an eye- catching and stunning design overall.
While Apple’s new iPhone provides some great features like multitasking and a camera that is front-facing, it also has a few major flaws. The iPhone 4 prides itself on a glass screen that Apple asserts that the new phone is stronger than plastic and is more scratch resistant. But durability of the iPhone still remains to be tested. Moreover, the iPhone running on iOS 4 cannot support Adobe’s Flash platform, which means that Flash content available on the web cannot be accessed on the iPhone 4. They further add that since the MMS application is not present in the iPhone ,you need to use an email to send pictures. Some users think that this iPhone is fragile and also expensive to replace. Buying a Blackberry instead would be a wiser thing to do.